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Have you ever wondered if a pizza box was recyclable, or whether coffee grounds could be composted, or were confused about which plastics are accepted in your curbside program? Well ReWorks has the answers to your recycling, reduce and reuse questions. Just ask and you shall receive — an answer, that is.

How do you dispose of water based/latex paint?


Dried out Latex Paint (water-based) is an acceptable item for curbside trash but it is important to prepare it properly before disposal. To learn how to prepare your latex paint for disposal, go here or watch the How to Dispose of Latex Paint video.

Where do I take my medical sharps?


Summit County residents can contact the Summit County Public Health department for information on their Sharps Disposal Program.

I have a room air conditioner that I need to dispose of. Where can I do this?


 You can drop off air conditioners at City Scrap and Salvage located at 760 Flora Ave. Akron Ohio. (off of W. Wilbeth) City Scrap and Salvage offer FREE Freon removal. All metals will be scrapped out and recycled. For hours call 330-753-5051.

Do small electronics contain anything hazardous or harmful?


Recycling your electronics helps ensure many valuable materials like plastic, aluminum, copper and gold do not go to waste. But just as importantly, it is also providing the important benefit of keeping some of the less desirable materials found in TV’s, phones and computers such as mercury, lead and other heavy metals out of our natural environment.

For information on how and where to safely recycle these items see Recycling Alternatives on our Residential Recycling page.

Where can used auto fluids be taken for recycling?


Our Household Hazardous Waste Recycling Center accepts used motor oil during regular hours of operation. As an alternative, many auto parts stores accept used motor oil and other auto fluids for recycling or disposal, but some have stricter requirements than others regarding transportation of the fluids. It is always a good idea to call ahead.

What actually counts as 'construction waste'?


Construction waste can be anything from concrete and flooring tiles to fixtures and doors. Other materials like wood, metal, bricks and glass also count. Consumers might not generate a lot of construction waste, but certain types of wood, brick and carpet that homeowners use fall under this category. If you’re planning any home renovation projects, be sure to have a game plan for the waste you’ll inevitably produce.

Steps to take when planning what to do with your C&D materials can be found here.

What does recycled clothing become?


If clothing isn’t still useable, it’s typically sent to recyclers to be broken down and reused. Clothing can become anything from cleaning rags and carpet padding to rubberized playgrounds and insulation.

For information on how and where to safely recycle these items see Recycling Alternatives on our Residential Recycling page.

Are cereal boxes accepted in curbside recycling programs?


Breakfast cereal boxes, also known as paperboard, can be recycled and is accepted in most single stream curbside recycling programs.

Recycled paperboard is made from 100 percent recovered fiber, which may include newspaper, magazines, corrugated boxboard, paperboard folding cartons, and telephone books. While one side of paperboard is usually gray in color, the opposite side often includes a coating to improve its printing surface and provide protection from fingerprints. It's still perfectly recyclable.

I am a resident of Summit county. Please advise on the best method to safely dispose of fluorescent bulbs that are no longer working.


If you have CFL bulbs (regular household) you can drop them off for free at Lowe's during any of their regular business hours. (Some Home Depots accept them as well). If you have fluorescent tubes, ReWorks will accept them at the Household Hazardous Waste Recycling Center in Stow.

What can I do with old snow tires?


If you are a Summit County resident, you can bring tires to the Household Hazardous Waste Recycling Center for recycling.

Residents can drop off up to 10 tires (on or off the rim) per visit for a cash fee of $1.00 per tire. Large semi-trailer tires and tractor tires are not accepted at this facility.

I am trying to figure out how to dispose of my small camp grill size propane tanks. Where I can dispose of these?


Unfortunately the local scrap yards no longer accept propane tanks. When open, we do accept propane tanks at our Household Hazardous Waste Recycling Center (HHWRC). The HHWRC is open 2 PM - 8 PM on Thursdays, during June – September.

Additional options for a FEE include:
Clean Harbors Environmental Services
Environmental Enterprises Inc.
Heritage Environmental Services, LLC
Veolia ES Technical Solutions, LLC

We are moving and and have old car motor oil, old paint in the cans, etc. Is there somewhere we can take these hazardous materials?


Motor oil can be taken to both AutoZone and Advanced Auto Parts stores. If your paint is latex, please dry it out until it is a solid and place it in the regular trash. Go here for more details on how to properly prepare latex paint for your trash.

For all other household chemicals, Summit County residents can drop those at ReWorks' Household Hazardous Waste Recycling Center (HHWRC) for FREE. Go here for a complete list of accepted items and HHWRC hours of operation.

Are there any all-in-one recycling drop-off centers where I can leave common, non-toxic recyclables.


The city of Akron hosts drop off centers at all the Fire Stations in Akron for these materials. There will be large 96 gallon totes located at the sides or behind the building to deposit recyclables. If you are not located in Akron, there are drop offs in the following areas… Please visit their websites for locations and details.

Fairlawn (must be a resident)
Cuyahoga Falls (must be a resident)
Northfield Village 
Sagamore Hills 

Mogadore also has a drop off located at the Lion’s Ball Park 194 Hale Ave.

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