Curbside Recycling

What's In. What's Out.

Single Stream Recycling at the curbside is easier than ever. While it is unnecessary to sort recyclables, it’s critical that we keep unaccepted items out of the recycling stream. When placed in your curbside bin, items like plastic bags, Styrofoam™, and electronics can damage recycling machinery, slow down the process, and ultimately impact the effectiveness of the recycling program.

Review the list below and refer to our website or the ReWorks App for what belongs In your recycling bin and what should stay OUT.


• Rigid Plastics
• Metal Cans
• Cardboard
• Paper
• Cartons
• Glass Bottles and Jars

For a complete list of items that are accepted in curbside recycling programs, go to


• Plastic Bags
• Soiled Paper and Cardboard
• Tissues/Paper Towels, and Napkins
• Styrofoam™
• VHS Tapes
• Electronics
• Window Glass
• Rubber
• Fabrics
• Medical Sharps

Some items that cannot be recycled curbside may still be recyclable with special handling. Check out Beyond The Curb: Recycling Alternatives here. Also, learn more about how to responsibly recycle household hazardous waste (HHW) at our HHW Recycling Center here.

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Recycling is a very important step towards making Summit County a Zero Waste community. But, like with most things, there is a right way to recycle and a wrong way. To help residents become Smart Recyclers, ReWorks has prepared a kit with information and activities that will help you to recycle the right way.

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