Paper & Cardboard

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Paper & Cardboard

Paper & Cardboard

Paper, which includes everything from packaging and newspaper to mail, magazines, cartons and cardboard boxes – are all accepted in community single stream recycling curbside and drop-off programs.

Don’t put shredded paper in your recycling bin. The little pieces of paper get stuck on other recyclable items and contaminates the other items.

Clean cardboard is what recyclers look for. If your cardboard box is wet or has food/oil on it, it’s best to place that item in your regular trash.

* May require additional preparation or fees. Other options may be available.

Akron Recycling Program
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The City of Akron offers residential curbside single stream recycling, and yard waste collection during the fall.

Phone: Dial 3-1-1 or call 330-375-2311

Looking for a recycling center near you? Check out our Recycling Center Drop-Off map.