Materials with Options Other Than HHWRC

It is good to have options. Currently, these three materials: batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, and motor oil have other locations that will accept these materials from residents. Listed on this page are some local recycling options for these materials.

ReWorks strongly suggests that residents contact vendors directly for:

  • Acceptable materials
  • Fees
  • Hours of operation
  • References
  1. Batteries
  2. Motor Oil
  3. Fluorescent Bulbs


As a reminder, never put batteries of any type into your home's curbside recycling cart or at a community recycling drop-off center. 

Also, we do ask that you NOT collect batteries from friends, neighbors, or any organization you are affiliated with (schools, businesses, faith-based, etc.) The main concern is safety – yours!  Know the options available for proper handling/disposal.

Please share these messages with others.

Single Use Alkaline Batteries

Single use alkaline batteries can be placed in your trash. If you are wondering why there are no local options for recycling this type of battery, learn more on the What Can I Recycle? page of the Call2Recycle website.

Single Use Lithium Primary Batteries

These batteries look almost identical to regular, single use alkaline. Single use lithium primary batteries should not be placed in the trash, home curbside recycling, or brought to community recycling drop-off centers. Summit County residents only can bring lithium primary batteries to the HHWRC.

Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries should not be placed in home recycling carts or brought to community drop-off centers. There are locations that can take these batteries, two of which are:

Car Batteries

Also known as lead acid batteries. Contact your local scrap metal recycler.