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Sep 03

06/01/19 - Grow Green Garden Update

Posted on September 3, 2020 at 12:40 PM by Jacob Smith

Food Scraps to Compost Funded by ReWorksReWorks goal is to reduce what goes to our landfills. One such way to do this, is to reduce food scrap and food waste from going to the landfill. We promote the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Food Recovery Hierarchy, where food waste reduction comes first.?

However, after incorporating practices to promote reduction of food waste, donating to feed people, and food for livestock, any leftovers should not go to the landfill. That's where composting comes into play.

For our Grow Green Food Scrap Compost Giveaway, of the gardens that apply, 5 each year are randomly selected to each receive 8 cubic yards of food scrap compost. There are not too many large-scale facilities that can compost food scraps. (The closest facilities are in other counties.) ReWorks purchased this year's food scrap compost from Barnes Nursery, an Ohio EPA Class II Compost Facility.

Community Gardens

Our deliveries have been made and we'd like to share the pictures for each of the gardens.

Callis Towers
Callis Tower's Community Garden

Case Barlow Farms
Case Barlow Farm Community Garden

Joanna House II
Joanna House II Community Garden

Uhler / Cuyahoga Street
Uhler Cuyahoga Street Community Garden

The Well
The Well Community Development Corporation Community Garden