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Sep 03

05/01/19 - Reducing Contamination in Recycling

Posted on September 3, 2020 at 12:45 PM by Jacob Smith

A pile of many intermixed recyclables demonstrating contaminationWe thank you for your continued support of helping us spread the message of reducing contamination in curbside recycling. The image featured on this page is actual contamination from residential carts that found its way to a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) that accepts residential recycling from our area.

As you know, we just had the opening reception for our "Keep It Out of the Cart - Art" project and we wish to thank Summit County Public Health for their support and for hosting the opening as well as a thank you to each of the artists that were involved:

  • Sophia Calderwood
  • Dr. Charles Felzen Johnson
  • Norman Mallard
  • Erica Raby
  • Annette Yoho-Feltes

Keep Akron Beautiful

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and The Recycling Partnership recently awarded a few cities in Ohio a grant to help combat contamination in our curbside recycling streams. One of the cities that was awarded a grant was the City of Akron, right here in Summit County.

Congratulations Akron and their partners in this project Keep Akron Beautiful! During the summer months, Akron will be implementing various education and outreach efforts to improve the quality of material collected through curbside recycling. ReWorks is supporting this project by providing $20,000 additional grant funds to the City through the Community Recycling Assistance Grant as well as providing technical assistance.

Stay tuned for updates on this project.

Help Out

You can help too! Visit our What Can Be Recycled in Curbside Carts?? page for a list of what is recyclable in curbside carts.