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Sep 03

02/01/19 - ReWorks' 2019 "Keep It Out of the Cart - Art" Project

Posted on September 3, 2020 at 2:57 PM by Jacob Smith

ReWorks is asking those concerned with recycling to consider creating art to help spread the message about how to best recycle.? Artists have helped spread messages via their artwork on other projects with ReWorks as well.?

Make Art Not Waste

In the "Make Art Not Waste" project, artists received a canvas and access to latex paint.? This latex paint was the same type that a person would paint a wall in his or her house with!? The focus with this project was on reducing and re-using this material.

Upcycle Art

Another art project was our "Upcycle Art Project."? Artists were asked to take items slated for the landfill and create a work of art and give those items a new lease on life.? Artists were given the opportunity to select items from the Goodwill Outlet store to use the foundation of their work.

Keep It Out of the Cart - Art

This year's project, "Keep It Out of the Cart - Art," is asking artists to help spread the message about keeping a clean recycling stream.? The materials that the artists will work with are actual items of contamination that were collected from our local Material Recovery facility.

If you don't have the time to try your hand at the art project but know some artist(s) who might be interested, we ask you to share this information with them.? Though, keep in mind, once the art is completed, we'll be having a traveling exhibition throughout the county and you'll be getting an invitation to these events as well!