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Sep 03

01/01/19 - New Year Questions & Resolutions

Posted on September 3, 2020 at 3:09 PM by Jacob Smith

A road in the mountains with the number 2019 on the surfaceHappy New Year! It's a fresh start for the new year's journey. We thank you for your continued interest in reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Focusing on goals, whether that be personal development or cleaning out clutter always seem to take center stage at this time of year! Often as people begin to organize, they also start to think of home projects that might be needed as well.? We'd like to share some sources that can provide end solutions for clutter and left-over materials after home improvement projects.

General Clean-Outs

Sometimes it's not the large, bulky appliance you need to get rid of, but boxes of old kitchen items, tables, lamps, etc. You could make multiple trips to different donation centers, but sometimes you just want the clutter cleared so that you can start the real work!

If you are looking for clean-outs, there are some options as well:

  • Dick'll Do It
    Phone: 330-688-3773
  • Haulin-N-Such
    Phone: 330-668-9942

Each of these businesses can come to your house and pick up all your old items. There is a charge for their service which depends upon factors such as quantity and distance traveled. If you wish for them to do the clean-out as well, that is an additional service.

Leftover Materials After a Home Improvement Project

It is hard to estimate how much you need, so often homeowners find extra parts left over after a home improvement project. Also, sometimes the items you are replacing are still serviceable but just weren't to your personal decorating taste. (i.e. light fixtures or sinks, etc.)

Habitat for Humanity

If you can't return the items to the store for a refund/credit, donation is your next best option. Habitat for Humanity's Restore is always a good source to check with to see if your item would be something they would accept. Please call and check for both their open days/hours as well as if they need the item you would like to donate.

  • Akron
    Phone: 330-745-7734
  • Canton
    Phone: 330-915-5920
  • Kent
    Phone: 330-6778881
  • Newberry
    Phone: 440-226-3212
  • Ravenna
    Phone: 330-296-2880

Keep in mind: Many Habitat for Humanity Stores have a pickup service that you can inquire about!

Construction & Demolition Debris

You finished the project and now have bits and pieces of drywall, broken bricks, dry-rotted or chemically treated wood and wonder, "what to do with this?"

These items are perfect for a Construction and Demolition Debris Landfill (also called a C and DD Landfill). These C and DD landfills accept this type of material. Often, they separate your material and combine the sorted items with other like items. These operations can recycle certain materials in bulk and use it for other purposes.

Most likely you'll need to bring your materials to them. It is best to call for pricing and to let them know you are a bringing material from your home and not a large construction site. Many times, they have different entrances depending upon the size of your vehicle (i.e. passenger car vs. 2-ton dump truck.)

Summit County Options

Here are some C and DD Landfills in Summit County:

  • Butcher and Sons
    Phone: 330-745-9483
  • Summit C and D
    Phone: 330-753-9019

General Landfills (Solid Waste)

If you have an item that is not covered by the above-mentioned list and you are able to haul it yourself, contact the locations provided in this section for instructions.

  • American Landfill (Stark County)
    Phone: 330-866-2365
  • Oakwood Transfer (Cuyahoga County)
    Phone: 440-786-1300

Keep in mind that these disposal facilities do not accept construction materials and that there are no solid waste landfills in Summit County.