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[ARCHIVED] 06/06/20 - Update from Document Shredding & Recycling Event

The original item was published from September 2, 2020 1:24 PM to September 2, 2020 2:33 PM

Update from June 6, 2020 Event

Knowing that a program such as the Document Shredding and Recycling generates such support and interest makes us here at ReWorks (Marcie, Carol, Shannon, Andrew, and Mila) feel inspired. Not every job provides such a clear indication of the impact on both people and our environment. We thank you for your enthusiasm and continued support of our mission to reduce and to manage materials entering our landfills.

New Record

In our 10 year history of offering these free events, the past event on June 6, 2020, did set a ReWorks record of more than 18 tons of confidential documents collected, shredded and recycled at one event. Additionally, this year is unique in that we had to incorporate COVID-19 safety protocols for the collection. Even with increased staff and space, we did reach the maximum shredding capacity after noon, and for that reason had to stop accepting confidential documents for shredding.

Document Shredding & Recycling Events

ReWorks is the solid waste management authority for Summit County, but we aren't the only solid waste management entity out there. Back in the 1980s, the State of Ohio created solid waste management authorities and districts to address landfill concerns. ReWorks is one of 52 solid waste management authorities and districts that provide programs and services for the jurisdiction each serves.

One of the programs we provide for Summit County is our Document Shredding and Recycling Events. These are located throughout Summit County and are funded/coordinated by ReWorks. At the actual events, we contract out for multiple trucks with specially designed systems to shred the documents on-site at each event. Another thing to note, the paper collected at these events is not brought to a MRF.

What is a MRF again?

A MRF is a Material Recovery Facility where materials collected from home recycling carts and community recycling drop-off centers are taken to be sorted and prepped for recycling into new items. At MRFs, shredded paper is not accepted, mainly because it sticks to every other material and once materials are mixed, the recyclables are contaminated.

Shredded documents from ReWorks' events are taken to a different kind of facility to process the shredded documents into paper pulp. No contamination here!


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