Jan 26

[ARCHIVED] Food Waste Reduction Updates

The original item was published from January 26, 2021 2:37 PM to January 26, 2021 2:51 PM

Food recovery hierarchy diagram
As you know, ReWorks is the solid waste management authority for Summit County.  Our mission is to monitor and reduce our county’s reliance on landfills.  Many of you are also aware that food waste is a concern not only due to food insecurity our communities face or the impact on resources used to produce the food, but also the impact food waste has in our landfills.

Many of you responded to our survey last month and we would like to share some information and an update on this topic.

What are food scraps? – These are generally considered the inedible portions of food.  This could be coffee grounds, cantaloupe rinds, eggshells, etc.  These inedible portions of food should not be placed in our landfills.  It is best to compost these. 

What is food waste? – Food that could have been eaten – but was not eaten before it no longer was safe or palatable for human consumption.  This could be food that had rotted, food that was prepared in excess of what was needed, or food that was improperly prepared (burnt, dried out, etc.)  Food waste should not be placed in our landfills.  

According to the U.S. EPA Food Recovery Hierarchy chart (pictured above) reducing the amount of food wasted is the most preferred method to managing food waste.  ReWorks follows this food recover hierarchy and supports methods and projects that prevent food waste.

One of the questions we asked during the survey was what topics were the most important to you.  The two topics that garnered the most interest were:  compost drop-offs (23.7%) and compost collection services (23%).

We were able to bring together your suggestions with projects we have been working on.  Our website has a new page, that has some information many of you will be happy to see.

Food Waste Collection Services - this web page consists of questions you can ask food waste collection vendors when you contact them to inquire about services.  This page also provides the names and contact information for these services.  ReWorks strongly suggests that residents who contact these food waste collection services ask for references and check them out before employing the use of such services.  The Better Business Bureau may also be contacted