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Apr 02

Grow Green and Food Waste Collections Update

Posted on April 2, 2021 at 4:49 PM by Mila Susnjar

Plants in a garden

In 2016, ReWorks’ food scrap compost program developed into the Grow Green Food Scrap Compost Giveaway. From that year forward, Summit County community gardens have been able to apply to this program. Gardens are selected randomly from those that apply and each selected community garden receives 8 cubic yards of food scrap compost delivered to their garden at no cost to them. ReWorks purchases this food scrap compost from an Ohio EPA class II licensed compost facility and funds the delivery of the food scrap compost as well.

Click here to get details on the program and for images showcasing the community gardens. 

The deadline to apply for is this coming Friday, April 9, 2021.  The registration takes a few minutes, and as a reminder ReWorks funds this program - the food scrap compost and the delivery of this material is at no cost to the community gardens that receive this.  Again, here is the link for more details and the application. 

There are many reasons why we feel strongly about providing food scrap compost to local gardens.  One reason is that many community gardens need soil enrichment to help their plants to grow vibrant and nutritious food.  Another reason is related to where the food scrap compost comes from.

We all wish to reduce how much food is wasted and certainly divert food waste and scraps from landfills.  But to do that, there must be places that can actually compost the food waste and scraps.  We hope that this program not only recognizes the work of these community gardens, but also helps build awareness of how important having infrastructure that supports the composting of food waste/scraps is. 

If you are not able to compost at home, but are still interested in having food waste and scraps from your home to be diverted from the landfill, check out these options:

For those who are interested in learning more about composting at home, click here for our guide.

For tips on avoiding food waste at home, please visit this page.