Board of Trustees

ReWorks is governed by a Board of 15 trustees representing the:

  • City of Akron
  • County of Summit
  • Cities of Summit County
  • Summit County Public Health
  • Trustees and Clerks Association of Summit County
  • Villages of Summit County
  • Corporate and Citizens at Large


  • Ilene Shapiro, Chair
    County of Summit Executive
    Alternate: Michael Vinay
  • Mayor Gerard Neugebauer, Vice Chair
    City of Green
    Alternate: Mayor John Pribonic
  • Diane Miller-Dawson, Secretary/Treasurer
    County of Summit 
    Alternate: Deborah S. Matz
  • Mayor Daniel Horrigan, Trustee
    City of Akron
    Alternate: Jim Hall
  • Shammas Malik, Trustee
    City of Akron, Ward 8 Council 
    Alternate: Dan Dempsey
  • Tonia Burford, M.S.R.S., Trustee
    Summit County Public Health
    Alternate: Sam Rubens, R.S., M.P.A.
  • Mayor Bill Goncy, Trustee
    Village of Boston Heights
    Alternate: Mayor Michael Rick
  • Steve Fricker, Trustee
    City of Akron
    Alternate: Michael Wheeler
  • John Zaccardelli, Trustee
    Sagamore Hills Township
    Alternate: Paul Schweikert
  • Donna Skoda, M.S., R.D.L.D., Trustee
    Summit County Public Health
    Alternate: Ali Rogalski, REHS
  • Andrew Henry, Corporate Representative
    University of Akron
  • William R. Sanderson, CIH, Corporate Representative
  • Floating Corporate Alternate: Monica Moody, P.E., AECOM
  • Floating Corporate Alternate: Vacancy
  • Brenda Fargo, Citizen-at-Large
    Strategic Aggregation Consultants
  • Nancy Ellis McClenaghan, Citizen-at-Large
    Goodwill Industries serving Summit, Portage, Medina, Ashland & Richland Counties
  • Antoinette James-Carter, Citizen-at-Large of Summit, C.S.E.A
  • Floating Citizen Alternate: Vacancy 
  • Floating Citizen Alternate: Vacancy
  • Floating Citizen Alternate: Vacancy