Food Waste Collection Services

Are you looking for food waste collection services for either your home or a business?  Listed below is the contact information for service providers and questions you can ask them when calling for additional information.
  1. Questions to Ask
  2. Service Providers

Questions to ask service providers

Fees and service specifications vary by service providers.  ReWorks recommends contacting them directly for this information.

Prior to calling service providers, know the estimated quantity and type of food waste you generate weekly.

Below are some sample questions to ask each service provider.
  • Can you collect food waste from my location in Summit County?
  • Do you accept food waste from homes, businesses or both?
  • What type of food waste do you accept?
  • Do you offer a drop-off site and/or a pick-up service for food waste?
  • What are your fees for this service?
  • Do you provide containers for collection?  If so, what size?
  • Does the food waste collected go to an Ohio EPA licensed Class II Compost facility or a 500 square foot exemption compost site?
  • The Ohio EPA maintains a list of registered compost facilities that accept food waste and yard waste. Each facility has its own hours, fees, directions, and instructions for drop-off.  Please contact a facility before bringing material to them.  For more information, view the Ohio EPA List of Registered Compost Facilities (PDF)