Latex Paint Handling

Latex paint (water-based), when dried out, can be placed in your curbside trash container.  

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View our Properly Dispose of Latex Paint video.

Dry Latex Paint to a Solid

To dry paint to a solid, follow these simple instructions:

  • Mix absorbent material (i.e., cat litter, sawdust, shredded newspaper) into the paint and allow the mixture to dry thoroughly. Use a 50/50 blend to ensure the quickest dry time; or
  • Let the paint dry out by removing the lid and setting the paint can in a well-ventilated area (this works best for small quantities of paint); or
  • Pour thin layers (about 1 inch of paint) into a disposable pie plate or cardboard box lined with plastic and allow the paint to dry one layer at a time. Repeat this process until all the paint is dry.
  • Once the paint is dry, leave the lid off the can and place it in your regular trash.

Hours of Operation Note

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